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What is gluten?
       (from Latin gluten, "glue") Gluten is a protein composite found in processed foods and grains, including wheat, barley, and rye.

I am not gluten intolerant. Why would I consider eating GlutenFree?
       Gluten is insoluble, meaning it does not dissolve when placed in water and may be difficult for your body to digest. Many people find that reducing or eliminating gluten from their diets makes them feel much better!

How does Mrs. Bickel's assure that their products are free from cross contamination?
       We are a dedicated GlutenFree commercial bakery. Our primary focus is to provide you with great tasting GlutenFree baked goods that are individually sealed to prevent cross contamination. We only allow GlutenFree products in our bakery... no exceptions.

Do your crusts and pita pockets need to be refrigerated?
       Yes, we recommend you throw them in your refrigerator or freezer when you receive them. This keeps them fresh and maximizes their shelf life. Because they are individually wrapped, they thaw quickly when removed from the freezer and can be placed in your oven within minutes!

I have tried other GlutenFree crusts and they are spongy, soggy and do not reheat well. Are Mrs. Bickels crusts similar to others I've tried?
       No, not at all. Mrs. Bickel's crusts are not spongy or soggy! No need for a fork! Our crusts look, taste, and bake like regular pizza crusts. They can also be reheated. Most folks can't even tell the difference between our crusts and regular pizza crusts!

Photobucket How can I pay?
   You can order online and use VISA,    MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

I use Mrs. Bickel's GlutenFree Pizza Crust on a weekly basis, but I am not a restaurant. Can I be placed on an automatic delivery plan?
       Yes. You can create an account with Mrs. Bickel's and set up automatic orders as well as automatic billing. Keep in mind, you can always adjust your online orders as your needs change.

How can I encourage restaurants in my area to carry Mrs. Bickel's?
       Talk to your favorite restaurant's server, manager, or owner. Give them our website address and have them contact us. We would love to talk with them!

How should I bake my pizza to get a more crispy crust?
       Leave your baking sheet or baking stone in the oven while it preheats, or you can try using a baking sheet with holes in it. We have customers who place it directly on their oven grill and "grill it" just like they do with their regular crusts. Experiment and find what's best for you. Photobucket

What other ways can I bake Mrs.  Bickel's pizza crusts?
       There are so many different ways you can bake our crusts! You can cut it into breadstick sized slices before you bake them and eat them warm with butter or dip them in marinara sauce. Top with cheese and have cheesy bread! How about cinnamon & sugar for desert pizza? We also love cutting our crusts into bite sized pieces and baking them until they are lightly browned and crispy. They make great crackers! Breakfast pizza is another customer favorite!

Let us know your favorite way to bake Mrs. Bickel's products! We love hearing from our customers. Your recipe could be featured on our web site!

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